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About Me

Hi, I’m Sergey! I’m a content creator, podcaster, and a marketer. I spent 4 years in the B2B industry doing content and demand type of marketing for large enterprises and startups.

I’ve built lead funnels, created offers, designed automation workflows, and wrote a lot of emails.

2 years ago I started my first podcast to explore the mindsets of super successful business people and interviewed CEOs in Canada and the United States.

Seeing how powerful audio and video content is in building a brand I started Media Camp.
Our mission is to create a community of world-class creators, brand builders and storytellers who profoundly influence our culture.

But why?

It is our core belief that when it’s all said and done, your brand is what it comes down to.

Your company, your bosses your job will change. They come and go.

Brand is your single biggest differentiator, in any career. 

When everyone has a podcast, a Youtube channel, Tiktok, email list, the only way to stand out is through brand.

It’s the only thing that cannot be copied.

There will always be someone faster, cheaper, stronger, smarter.

It’s very hard to win on specs alone.

Media Camp is a show where we interview the coolest content creators, storytellers, and brand builders.

From YouTubers and comedians to marketing leaders, consultants, and CEOs.

You get to learn what principles and tactics they use to capture attention, tell their own unfiltered stories, and build their brands.

At Media Camp, we want to eliminate boring content and show creators a better way to connect with their audiences.

We are building a community where you can collaborate, share ideas with talented people and be the next Casey Neistat, the next Marques Brownlee, the next Steve Colbert.


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What guests are saying

Katie Martell, on-demand communications strategist

Great podcast! You can tell that he truly wants to bring value to the listeners in the question he asks and the diversity of people he brings on.


I did have the pleasure to be on his show a few months back. Might seem biased that I'm writing a review but my episode has already been aired a while back and I've continued to listen to his podcast.


So I thought that it was fair for me to come on as a listener and write a review. Also, he's a very personable person and genuinely down to earth.

Mina Movasseli, Behavioral Scientist & Founder of Mind The BluePrint

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