Sergey Ross Show is an interview series that explores how thought leaders in business, sports & entertainment think, the psychological side of their success.

The Show is here to educate and inspire the future generation of momentum makers, entrepreneurs, people who want to make a dent in this world and find new solutions for their customers.

I’m Sergey, the host of this show, a marketer and speaker who is driven to help the next generation of leaders.

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I’m a marketer, speaker and the host of this show. I immigrated from Ukraine to Canada to build a career in marketing. This show is the result of my drive and passion towards understanding the psychology and mindsets of successful people in business. 
My mission is to help future thought leaders build necessary skills and attitude to achieve their big goals and have an impact on others.  
In my marketing work I focus on creating great content, controlling operations and creating strategies to make people excited about a product or service.



Great podcast! You can tell that he truly wants to bring value to the listeners in the question he asks and the diversity of people he brings on. I did have the pleasure to be on his show a few months back. Might seem biased that I'm writing a review but my episode has already been aired a while back and I've continued to listen to his podcast. So I thought that it was fair for me to come on as a listener and write a review. Also, he's a very personable person and genuinely down to earth.


Mina Faith Movasseli





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